Winter Roundup: Clean Cream

I always gravitate towards cream or winter white outerwear, which is surprising because mine always end up covered in slush and red wine! Either way, I love it. I just love how clean it looks on its own or with a fun pattern mixed in and maybe just little bit because you can camouflage yourself in the snow!

My favorite finds both formal and everyday :

Clean and classic with touch of modern from the buttons and cropped sleeves (from Chloe).

I love the whimsy and sophistication of this pattern and shape (from j.crew).

Elegance incarnate (from Burberry).

I love the paddigton bear-esque toggles (from Tibi).

Perfect for scraping the ice of the car or strolling around town (from Cloudveil)


Sanzana said…
Impressive fashion . Looking gorgeous . Cut Out Image

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