What is Old is New Again

New homes can be fabulous but I absolutely love old houses that have been renovated. Old homes just have a soul and a warmth that cannot be recreated. These are two renovations of historical homes that recently caught my eye.

The first is a renovated 16th century farmhouse in France. It was recently in the Home and Garden section of the New York Times. I was instantly drawn to this room and the use of the original beams...

and quickly fell in love with the rest. The rooms just have this perfect glow that makes them feel inviting and incredibly romantic.

I love the fireplace and the warm yellow and red color palette.

The vine covered terrace:

Another renovated home that captured my heart and imagination is this renovated home in Sag Harbor, NY that was featured in ElleDecor.

This sitting room is still centered around the original chandelier:

The vanities in the bathroom are made out of the original wood beams!

I love the contrast of the crisp blue and the white in this entryway--it really makes the molding stand out.


Ella C. Angel said…
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