Yes, Glamping is a term that I recently saw used in the August 2008 Mountain Living magazine and is short for glamorous camping. When I read the article and saw the "camps" they recommended I think the term is quite appropriate. I love camping but I always dread knowing I won't get a good night sleep due to a tree root jamming into my back, the bites of mosquito's or rain leaking in to the tent. If you dread these not so glamorous aspects of camping too then you would definitely be interested in the accommodations at Paws-Up, a Montana resort offering luxury adventure vacations. Here are some pictures of the "tent" accommodations:

The tents are 270-square-foot, have a king-sized feather bed, electricity, spacious deck, private master bathroom, twice-daily housekeeping service, gourmet meals and even your own personal butler that will make you a campfire and tell stories!! They appropriately refer to their River Camp as a place "where nature is served on a silver platter." In addition to all the luxuries offered, you can also enjoy the beautiful setting along the Blackfoot river:


Dominique said…
Glamping is in!
For an excellent representation of what glamping is all about check out this resort blog at, there is also a flickr group page at for glampers to show off their photos of glamping experiences.
Yes, glamping is the go!
People are really coming around to the idea that experiencing the outdoors can be as spectacular axperience, just as the outdoor surrounds.
Check out his glamp resort in my own back yard, in Western Australia.
Click here to go to Longitude 131
Specially the last photo looks more nice here . Cut Out Image

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