Pillow Power

I have to say one of my all time favorite accessories is the throw pillow! I just moved in to a new rental that has boldly painted living room walls--a rusty orange. This is not a bad color choice if you have a neutral colored sofa but no, mine happens to be red! At first I thought slipcovers would be the best solution but these throw pillows from Pottery Barn made what I thought would be a sea of overwhelming color into it the perfectly tied together living space:

Some other pillows that recently captured my fancy are these very fun and flirty pillows from Square Feathers. They have pillows that are perfect for a beach house or penthouse!
Jolie Collection "Lime"

Spring Collection "Fuchsia"
Glam Collection "Chic" Pillow

Lastly, I just saw pillows from Judy Ross featured in the July/August Elle Decor and went to her website and found these pillows that I think are absolutely stunning.

Her upholstered furniture is also worth checking out!


Edna D. Parsons said…
How beautiful these pillow . Like these all . Cut Out Image

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