la la lavender

Ever since posting this office,with the simple lavender accents, I can't stop thinking about the subtly elegant, soothing and feminine color. I think it is just lovely as an accent color or all over when the most subtle form of the shade. How you could you lay in that bed and not become instantly relaxed?

(images via kasha harmer, sandra lane, marie claire maision, ann stratton, kelly wearstler)


how lovely & pretty! love the top right photo with grey, what a perfect colour combo!
Anonymous said…
Great shade of purple! I really like the look of the horizontal striped with the long lavender drapery. So pretty!
Callie Grayson said…
i love lavender in my home! I like to pair it with light grey!
I may have to do a room in these colours again, it's been awhile and it's so pretty!
I recently went full on deep plum, all over the walls, leaving the furniture natural. It goes amazingly well with deep reds, blues, greens, golds, greys, and browns.
Looking excellent . Like and admire this post . Cut Out Image

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