cheap(er) chic: sunny yellow

I am definitley in a very bold color mood this week (from hot pink accessories to azure blue walls) and now a bright yellow cheap(er) chic. I still cannot get enough of this sunny color!

shift dress by tory burch (30% off), sweater from j.crew (30% off), shoes by marc jacobs ($59), belt from old navy ($12.50), enamel bracelets from carolee ($115)


Emorie said…
I am so into this yellow right now, i hope it stays around through the spring!
Callie Grayson said…
here comes the sun!
i wish, it is sooooo cold and this cheery post made me smile!
paula said…
i am a huge fan of yellow. unfortunatley with my olive skin i too turn yellow when i wear it, boo.
Jill GG said…
love, love, love the jelly kitty "jacobs" - I have seen those around and actually think I like those more than the leather version. I was eyeing that belt from ON too... in green though! Great picks!
georgia b. said…
yay for yellow! it made it into my post today, too.

it is a cheerful, much needed color right about now in this cold Chicago January!

(the word verification that i was asked to type is "float"—that made me happy, too.)
SimplyGrove said…
Ooooh, love all of the yellow!!!!!
Courtney said…
I love yellow. {Especially in January}!

Loving these MJ flats: they'd be super cute paired with a knee-length skirt or skinny jeans.
oh these are so gorgeous! what a great outfit in the colour of the year!
Anonymous said…
that dress! love, love. i don't think i'll ever tire of yellow.

great collection + lots of great posts i need to catch up on!
Courtney said…
This yellow round up is so perfectly cheerful! I love the dress and bracelet, and the belt is so fun and feels unexpected with it's two-tone combination.
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