harrington + squires

From my series of london calling posts I don't think it is any secret that one of my great desires is to visit England and that I love any and all things from London! Well I need to add a visit to Harrigton+Squires on my wish list for this dream trip. And this is why:

Isn't it a brilliant idea to make a perforated calendar (you can tear off each day!) I just adore it as I do the overall design.

Some of the cutest hankies and hankie packaging I have ever seen.

Very cheeky and colorful memory matchbooks.


christina said…
Such cute stuff. I've never heard of them before...thanks for the lovely introduction.
these are so fun & colourful!

p.s. i've given you a blog love award :)
please sir said…
Oh that calender is such a neat idea!
Miss | A said…
wowwy! So fun to see all of these great new finds! I am a sucker for London too! Even the tea tastes better there. What a great post!
paula said…
that calendar is great.
georgia b. said…
i have a couple of friends who have been to London and have this secret desire to live there! (Well, maybe like you, it's not a secret.)

these are really great. just their name alone is so cool--so British sounding. Harrington+Squires. love it!
Anonymous said…
Great calendar! Too bad I'm lazy, and I never pull off the dates. By the time June comes around, I'm usually only on February! lol
Rachel said…
Love all that modern simplicity. Everything looks so clean and well crafted.
Courtney said…
I didn't know this company, but thank you for the introduction. Their packaging is adorable, as is their name.
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