snippets {tea time}

Friday kicked off the Fall Arts Festival here in Jackson with one of my favorite events of the year, Palates and Palettes.  The premise is that over 30 local art galleries pair up with a local restaurant and invite the public in to enjoy the work of featured artists and treats from local culinary talent.  The interiors showroom where I work, WRJ Home, paired up Persephone Bakery (more on them here.)  The adorable team at Persephone came up with the brilliant concept of having the evening mimic an adult tea.  They created a spectacular spread that was as visual feast itself.  Just a few quick snippets from the evening...
(pistachio macaroons}
The signature cocktail for the evening, which I got the great pleasure of mixing and serving was an incredible concoction also dreamed up by Persephone.

(savory and mouthwatering parmesean rosemary madelines)

We filled the showroom with over 350 stems of dendrobium orchids.

(the spread)
I know my next private party will absolutely be high tea!  I hope that you are inspired as well.  Cheers!


Ambyr said…
I love high tea. Such a great idea to host your own. Those parm rosemary madeline's sound delish!

Monica said…
My sister is having her annual Halloween party and wanted new ideas and those gorgeous green macarons will do the trick. Great set up and what fun to be apart of.
Unknown said…
It looks lovely! Nothing quite like high tea! I must try pistachio macaroons! Yum!
Bridget said…
Hi Blair,
I love that font! Can you tell me what it is? thanks :)
Jacket said…
Thanks for share a photo
by :Jacket
Anonymous said…
Amazing Photos. I Like It.

Jaket Kulit
Jaket Kulit
Good tea break and excellent arrange . Cut Out Image
Robert Smith said…
I always love orchids. It's my favorite

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