masculine sensibility {black venetian granite + steel}

The lovely home of Paul Bertelli proves that granite, black venetian granite to be more precise, and steel can be essential elements to creating a welcoming home.  He perfectly mixes in the right finishes, fabrics and furnishings to make these seemingly cold elements anything but, while embracing a charming and authentic masculine sensibility.  

{images via mountain living}


Annie said…
Couldn't agree more with your description. Masculine, but oh so warm and inviting.
Unknown said…
Amazing over-sized windows!

xo sara
I'm in love with the granite sink... masculine doesn't have to be cold and dreary. This is so bright and strong!
I´m a men and I love those ambients.
Thank you for share it!
Ambyr said…
This is gorgeous. I love all the black and white textures mixing together.

Chandeliers said…
Interior decor has been a must for every home. Your idea of black Venetian granite is blending perfectly with the decor.
Feeling impressive to see your interior space . Cut Out Image
Robert Smith said…
Awesome designs. Love your decorations. Thanks
jacklinemelda said…
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