setting the mood {ruby + slate}

As summer begins to wind down, my palette preference is starting to shift from crisp greens and whites to ones that evoke drama and warmth. Brilliant ruby red and sophisticated slate are the perfect fix for this transitional time.  I just adore how the palette combines the best of autumnal and summer sensibilities though a playful contrast of moody and tart.
(images via C Magazine, unknown, Amelia, and Flora Grubb Garden)


Tagg said…
I love summer, but there's also something about fall that gets me so excited. :)
Solo Thais said…
Beautiful color inspiration!
Ambyr said…
Gorgeous color inspiration. It's such a rich, warm feel.

Gorgeous pictures! Makes me excited for Fall!
Mitaly Roy said…
Such beautiful photos always admirable to mine , thanks . Cut Out Image

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