sunset ready

I think there is only one thing that would make "springing forward" my clock bearable and that would be the excitement of a spring break getaway on the horizon. Sadly, that is not the case. Not that I am complaining, as living in Jackson Hole every day is considered a lifelong vacation. However, I could use a dose of toes feeling sand and sleeping to the sound of lapping waves. If that did happen, these would be my go to sunset ready accessories...


Life is funny - we have just had the longest heat wave on record. I long to feel the crispness of snow and a biting wind instead of a continuous hot blast of air.
Warm regards.
Ambyr said…
I love these sunset inspired pieces. Some of my favorite color combos. As much as I love being an adult and creating my life, I do miss a 'required' spring break every here and there. It's clearly time for a tropical vaca!

Anonymous said…
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Erin said…
Specially the sunglass looks wonderful .
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Robert Smith said…
What a lovely sunglasses! I love it. Really it's so cool

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