Aqua Restaurant + Milk and Honey Home

 While I am on the topic of jaw dropping commercial spaces. How gorgeous is this restaurant, Aqua, designed by delight by design sponsor, Milk and Honey Home?  I am particularly crazy about the color palette and mix of industrial and modern pieces and finishes. The bar particularly causes me to swoon - the crisp subway tile, minimalist glass shelves and natural wood top. I also think that the high backed upholstered banquet +  articulating sconces would be beautiful and dramatic in a residential space. Well done, ladies! 


Anonymous said…
oh my goodness! how gorgeous. i kinda want to live there.
it really is jaw dropping. i'm in love with the mix of casual and luxurious pieces!
Excellent information and facts. Only real difficulty I was basically receiving was viewing the pics. No idea exactly why.

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They did a great job! I saw it in person and was in awe!!!
A Perfect Gray said…
those gals are amazing. really love this space.
Julie Holloway said…
Thanks, Blair :) Sherry, that one pic is yours!
Ambyr said…
I love that they did the lower half of the walls in a cement color. All the light-mid grey shades really bring out the room and I like that the weight of the colors are only at the bottom of the room.

This is just perfect. I love the high backed banquets!

Unknown said…
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Jane said…
Aqua restaurant milk and honey home . Thanks for sharing .
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Mahalya sree said…
very attractive for designing the luxuries house thanks for sharing this on your blog. Thanks for this post.

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Robert Smith said…
OH! This is just lovely. I like this restaurant decoration. I have never seen this kind of decorations on any restaurant. This is really awesome.
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Orange Interior said…
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saher said…
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