Deck The Walls!

While I should be focused on decking my halls, all I can think about is decking my walls. With that said, I have never seen a home quite like this one. Almost every single wall has been thoughtfully planned. It is so important when designing a space to think past a floor plan and imagine what it is feels like to walk into a room, and the walls are a large part of that impression. A few inspirational images to get you thinking about your own walls. I particularly love the way an unexpected color combination, bold geometric molding, corbels and sepia artwork work in this foyer.
And the way the marble flooring continues half way up the walls in this hallway. 
In a more casual room, the plethora of wicker bull heads surely makes a bold and whimsical statement, my favorite kind!
And then there is graphic wallpaper - always a wonderful solution to builders white walls. Throw in a brass fireplace surround and you have a statement making space.
Lastly, never underestimate the power of well styled bookshelves...
(via AD Espana)
What is your favorite way to jazz up your walls? In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said…
All of these walls are so awesome. I want to get creative like this when we move into the new apartment!
Zelle B. said…
LOVE the walls in the last picture!so different.

Annie Wang said…
I love the color of that first wall, especially with the black.
Tiina A said…
I love the first and the last pic. My own walls are full of paintings and pictures.
Home Decor said…
Nice blog... thanks for sharing with us..
Couture Carrie said…
Love that first space!

Merry Christmas, darling!

Jane said…
Love your post . A lot of thanks for sharing .
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