chair makeover {a metallic twist}

It never ceases to amaze me how a little bit of paint it can transform a piece of furniture.  I recently purchased a set of vintage Breuer chairs, which had been painted black. When I bought them I knew a new coat of paint would be in there future. I originally thought it would be a dose of kelly green applied in a geometric pattern. However, I thought I should try to respect the roots of these iconic chairs and attempt to bring them back to their original look, with a little modern metallic twist!  
 So, with the help of a screw driver, painters tape and champagne colored spray paint they have a whole new shimmery life... 


Siena in Style said…
love it!good job
kisses from Milan
have a great day
Nicely done, the chair looks 100% better! Thanks for sharing.
Libby said…
Oh wow! Do you know we had a complete set of these chairs in our NYC apt. for many years, then the seats would break through and we would give away...yes, giveaway!...the chair. so now I have one left, in the garage here. But this is a fabulous makeover idea! And the seat on the one I have is just fine. Thanks for the ideas!!

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