Call of the Wild

I am currently at O'Hare Airport en route to my old hometown, Jackson Hole. It is my second trip back this summer and I cannot wait to get back to the fresh mountain air! Posting may be spotty the next week, as I try to enjoy a little vacation time--full of new adventures and time with friends. I thought this lovely contemporary yet rustic home was the perfect home to post as I embark on my trip! 

And yes I stole the post title from the name of the article --- just couldn't come up with one that topped it!
(via style at home)


The Egg said…
gotta love timber framing!
hope to see you when you get here
Callie Grayson said…
Wow that dining room table just rocks! Love the chunky wood with the white leather chairs
Have fun on your vacay
I love that table, great look with the mid century modern chairs.
annie said…
amazing dining table and chairs!
Ambyr said…
Those wooden beams are beautiful. Such a great pop of color without being overwhelming.

Mosaics said…
Love the open space and chunky timber. Gorgeous!
Couture Carrie said…
Gorgeous spaces!

Hope you are having an amazing vay-cay, darling!

Bella said…
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