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When I was walking down Damen Avenue in Bucktown today I was delighted to see an adorable new facade to the building that used to house Caffe de Luca. It thought it was just downright charming the way they whitewashed the building. Then I peeked in the window and was equally delighted to see that the inside of this new restaurant, Grass Fed (the only entree is grass fed beef), mirrored the outside.
I love the way the facade sticks out -- doesn't it just look like it serves fresh and delicious food?!
  I love the way they divided the dining areas with the open geometric panel and by changing the wall treatment and light fixtures between the spaces.
And the first thing I noticed behind the bar was a dispenser labeled chai burbon -- definitely intrigued.
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Looks like a lovely restaurant. I spent some time in Bucktown many many years wasn't so chic back then!!
Blair Friedeman said…
It has really changed quite a bit in the past couple of years! You should visit again!
StagerLinda said…
I am a sucker for an awning. Great decor. Love the light fixtures. I would be happy to enjoy some time there!
ashley cooper said…
WOW!! What a cute restaurant. I love decor, inside and out! Great post.
Lindsey said…
What a gorgeous space. The light fixtures are so great.
rachael adele said…
i literally think my heart just stopped. what a gorgeous space!!
Callie Grayson said…
oooh, thanks for the heads up on this restaurant, I will need to eat there very soon. eye spy'd on the deserts that they have blackberry and peach crumble, can we say "Yes please!!!!!"
It was beautifully designed, they are using one of my favorite light fixtures.
can't wait to go!
Callie Grayson said…
oh, i I just realized, Butterscotch pot de creme!! heaven! that's the scot's in me, we love butterscotch!!
seriously sounds delis!!
Looks like a great place!Love the decoration!the droplights are so cute!
Never have I imagined in my wildest of dreams that loft could be converted into something so stunning. Hats off to the wonderful designer who did this work. The brick walls provide an eco friendly look to the room.
Bella said…
All of these are looks amazing . A lot of thanks for sharing .
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