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 Do you ever wish you could have a reversible room? One where you could flip a switch and the palette of a room would instantly either be turned up a notch or just let your eyes relax in a neutral space.  This question was sparked when I came across this adorable reversible Marc by Marc Jacobs bag -- it has a classic shape and can be worn in a pewter gray or electric blue. Although the bag looks lovely either way I decided that no, I wouldn't want such a thing to exist in the world of interiors. Color is not all there is to a room. The details, amazing light fixtures and the textures that are chosen to complement a restrained palette would get lost in a sea of Tangerine Tango or whatever the "of the moment "color may be. I know I can't imagine these rooms in bold colors, can you? Pretty jaw dropping just the way they are...

(all images via Atlanta Homes + Lifestyles)


i am in love with these images! Love the stools in the last picture, the tablescape in the first and everything in the second one!
The wall with stripes is amazing! I have ever thought about using stripes 'so much', but this works!
Hallway heaven. I am in love with those stripes - too amazing. Now having a dilemma as I want to do this! Think this works so well though because of the natural light - mine is a typical Victorian House in the UK. So hallways and light don't really mix. Next time I have a grander house with more light to work on - this will be in my ideas pot!

Ambyr said…
All three of these are equally as beautiful. I love the thick striping in the hallways and the overly-wooden brown kitchen.

Unknown said…
Love it... Nature in design. Xoxo V.V.
Like Me Some said…
The stripes in the hall are awesome!
Ada (new york) said…
A switch that changed the wall colors and accessories in a room ... your r onto something Blair .. how freakin cool would that be, a button for each season (including holiday decor .. haha). BTW I LOVE the bag with the splash of color inside.
Chris Collins said…
Cute striped walls!
Love the first photo...and how they used different chairs around the dining table!!! :-))
Wilkinson said…
Love, love, LOVE the striped hall!
Couture Carrie said…
Love these spaces, especially the hall with the striped walls!

MInd blowing decoration and these design attract me .
Robert Smith said…
Very well displayed. Loving all of these. Thanks a lot for sharing with us

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