eye candy {cathedral antique show inspiration house}

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love show houses! It is so inspiring to see the creative genius of designers unbridled and unleashed. The Cathedral Antique Show Inspiration House certainly did not disappoint! No matter your personal aesthetic you are sure to find inspiration in this house, whether from the eclectic over the top color...
or the serenity of perfectly restrained minimalism.


BoogieW said…
Very inspiring spaces, again, thank you for sharing. Pink room, hmm, I would like to visit there, but I don´t want to live there for years, or who knows, if one day I... Greetings from Finland, BoogieW, www.boogiewdesign.blogspot.com
Helene said…
You have such great taste! I am always in awe of all these images you post... wish I had the means to buy whatever my heart and home desire

Bon Vivant + a Budget
Ambyr said…
Wow- those dark/bright walls are gorgeous! I couldn't imagine putting that together myself but now that I see it I want to try that.

Lots if inspiration here...I saw the black room on Pinterest and found your blog. I'm just choosing paint colors and am going all white and a few rooms black...seeing that this room has black trim...makes me love it even more. The art on the wall just pops!
Couture Carrie said…
Love that purple room!

mikky said…
That bookcase is amazing! I love the framed rorechak (I`m sure that`s not how you spell it!) tests, they look great. I just had to pin this photos, the colours are just too nice.

Kevin said…
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Jacky said…
Gorgeous decoration . I'm impress .
Robert Smith said…
OMG! All are beautiful. But The first and second one is awesome.
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