eye candy {classic california cool}

My first thought when I saw this home was, it really reminds me of the look Restoration Hardware is working to achieve. Well, it turns out it this stunning home on the San Francisco bay is owned by Restoration Hardware CEO. Talking about embracing the aesthetic of the brand!  I am especially fond about this open and functional kitchen...

(images via c magazine)


Splenderosa said…
Blair, this is lovely isn't it? The new concept store for RH's new look is in Houston, the 1st one, so we got an excellent look when they opened. Some of the local designers think they are daffy at offering some of the merchandise at really high prices. What do you think? xx's
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Oh how I adore Restoration Hardware! I could seriously live in the store. It is cool to see the CEO is embracing his brand! :)


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Like Me Some said…
Can I just lounge on that patio with a glass of vino, please?! Breath taking!
Like Me Some said…
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Fiona said…
Everything is lovely, but it's too uniformly beige for me (and I like beige). But the view is amazing!
Ambyr said…
Those tall, fabric covered chairs at the dining table are amazing. It makes the room instantly classy. I really love the outdoor patio look here too (the view helps).

I just found you on Pinterest! Love, your blog!!
I too think this house is amazing! What a view!!!
heidi said…
what a view, those lamps are pretty spectacular to
WOW!Amazing place!!!What a great view!Love the sofa!
Joyce R. Bleau said…
The last picture , these sofa is natural beauty and impressive .

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