craving {not your classic kelly}

Yes, I know that St. Patricks day had come and gone but no matter the day I will always adore shamrock (well, kelly) green. Can you think of a color that exudes the freshness of springmore? I am always looking for a way to update this classic hue and love the crisp look of it against black or in graphic patterns.


Anonymous said…
I'm an emerald green fan and I didn't even notice st pattys day go by. love those earrings

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Lily said…
Love the earrings !!

Great selections! Gorgeous gorgeous flats! And I feel like I need that rug in my apartment!

Interior decorating
I love each piece... especially the clutch. Perfect color.

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Peak Rainey said…
Those Jimmy Choos are phenommmmmmmmmmmmm.
The Egg said…
love ALL of these, especially those cute flats!

xo the egg out west.
I usually shy away from green, but I think I'm loving it more and more each day! the clutch is simply divine.
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Love anything...ESP the color green adds a spring like quality to it.
Pure delight!!
Ambyr said…
That pouch is amazing!! I'm loving he flats too, of course, they're Jimmy Choo!

Eleni Psyllaki said…
Oh, that dress! I love..
Lianna said…
those flats are great!
genevieve said…
looove that little pouch! if only it were a rug :) xx
Teresa said…
Love these all products .

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