DIY {gilt graphic coaster}

I was working on a little DIY today and realized that there was another use for part of the end product (which it under wraps for now). It turned out that an element of the project was the perfect size for a coaster. I hope to share the whole DIY with you soon but I am curious if you can guess what these coasters originally were?


So cute, great idea!
Are they mason jar lids?

Raiana xo,
Jennifer Leible said…
Such pretty coasters!! The look fantastic!
Jennifer Leible said…
Were they the base of a terra cota type plant pot?
Anonymous said…
My guess is the saucer for a Terra cotta flower pot but do tell! They are fun!
these are great! are they the saucer for terra cotta pot?
So pretty. Love the gold and white! And I think the other ladies nailed with with terra cotta plan saucers!
Ambyr said…
Those look so pretty as an outdoor display piece. I love the retro feel.

What a *delight* to view this morning. The coasters are Fab.
Your photo's are lovely...The flowers,
big sigh!!
Sharon said…
I think that they're lids from a tin can - paint or varnish maybe?
Wahzat Gayle said…
initially I thought they were paper plates, but I really think they are paint tin covers.
Chris said…
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Brooke said…
I could definitely use these for my upcoming birthday bash
Christ Kene said…
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