pretty little piles

Books are one of my favorite inexpensive accessories. Pretty little stacks of them add a cozy lived in look to any room and the choice of titles adds immense personality. Whether in a traditional location...
as inspiration on a desk....
a pretty perch for peonies...
or intermingled with pretty pieces of jewelry...
...stacks are the way to go! 
(via thorton designs, celeri kemble's book black and white, d home magazine and pinterest)


samantha ramage said…
i need a bigger apartment for all my books- love this!

Loooove piles of books for decoration!

XX Kathryn
In love stacks of many creative takes on this. I love the image with the flowers on books against black....I really need to paint a room black.
Unknown said…
Totally agree! You can never have too many!
You know I just added a round table in my family room with a lamp and stacks of books! They feel so homey!
Lovethose stacks and there around thehouse,and Ithink omtales the books more etsy to grab one:)
Great pictures!
i agree, a stack of books is a nice way to decorate! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams
Ambyr said…
I love how black and white all those books and accessories on the desk were. And I love that ladder.

Beautiful and inspiring!
(and thats no pretty little lie either..)

Thanks for a great post!

Lots of love from a dedicated follower!
Doris said…
My stacks just don't look that cute!! I'll work on that now that I have the inspiration!
Couture Carrie said…
Beautiful books, darling!

Love the last set in particular...

And your new profile pic is gorgeous ;)

Jacky said…
Exceptional decoration . Thanks for sharing .

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