kitchen crush {minimal + industrial}

In general, I am not a gal that loves industrial design, as it can come across rather cold and utilitairan. The one room where I find the industrial look to not only appealing but functional is the kitchen. I would happily replicate these open shelves, windows, tolix chairs, lights and this table (umm...amazing) any day and any time!


jade said…
LOVE! Those bright pretty chairs, clean lines, lovely open space and so much light from the windows- amazing!
A fabulous room. C'est parfait.
May the peace and joy of Christmas be with you and your family in 2012.
Gwen Driscoll said…
Love this Kitchen. Happy Holidays!
Ambyr said…
Those counter tops are so pretty. I love all the black details here, especially in the windows and handles.

Katie Hackworth said…
Love it. The floor is fantastic and the dark walnut slab countertops add great contrast! I just designed a table for our kitchen nook quite similar the one pictured, and it is my favorite piece in the house!
I am in love with that floor...source?!
wow that is beautiful. i agree!

ashley over @
Anni S said…
Thanks for sharing! LOVE this kitchen!!!

Happy Holidays :)

I just love that floor and red stools.
Thank you for this lovely blog. Love how the red chairs stands out.
alex said…
The kitchen is nice and beautiful. I love the lighting inside and kitchen worktops also.
Eva Kyte said…
All of these decorative products are exceptional .
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