urban country style

I am sorry to be remiss in posting this week but I have been buried in bubble wrap and boxes, as in less than a week I am moving to Chicago! I love living in the mountains but am so excited for the opportunities and inspiration that comes with city life. I guess that makes me an urban country girl and perhaps why I am drawn to these interiors that are the perfect blend of these seemingly contradictory styles..

(scanned from urban country style)


Beth said…
Chicago's a great city -- enjoy your new start!
that's what i am.
urban country.

i like it.
Doris said…
I am all country... still like that Urban country style though!
Callie Grayson said…
eeee! yeah!!
Welcome to Chicago!! hope to see you soon!
Holly B said…
I especially like the feeling that last scanned photo gives me!
Victoria said…
Best wishes for your new life in Chicago. I love this country urban look. Vicente Wolf's bathroom is gorgeous and so is the last image of that beautiful, homey kitchen.
Melissa Blake said…
You are going to love Chicago! :) Happy moving!
Couture Carrie said…
Good luck with the move, darling!

A gorgeous post! Thank you for sharing this...love all of your posts. Keep them coming.

Ambyr said…
I love all of the glass detailing. Those horizontal, rectangle window panels in the last picture are so beautiful.

Love the last photo with the bar that doubles as a table. Gorgeous!

Jamie Herzlinger
Unknown said…
I agree that these two styles can totally work together and create interesting and charming spaces. Congrats on your move!
Unknown said…
Love that last pic!
Welcome to Chicago!! You're arriving just in time for winter :) its truly an amazing city!!
Chic Coles said…
Good luck with the move. We hope you like city life.
Love these images - particularly the polished concrete.Best wishes for your move to Chicargo.
Home Interior said…
I love the idea of bringing the country into the city. I love the interior. Very lovely!
Another inspiring post of beautiful ideas my friend, hope your move goes well have a great day.

Always Wendy
Urban Country... I like that! A little bit of new a old mixed in too :) Great blog..

Diana ~ Anyone Can Decorate
Mountain Dandy said…
I'm crazy about using older pieces in modern homes.....and the bar is awesome.
Suzanne said…
The last shoot and it's decoration more wonder .
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