eye candy {all washed out}

I am a big fan of neutrals, that is no secret, but when neutrals are done really well--that I just adore. Which to me means the casual layering of textures, furnishings with visual interest and just a hint of color--all of which this home embraces. It also happens to have pretty much the most perfect bathroom I have ever seen..

(via riveria interiors)


Andrea Reh said…
I dislike having baths, but I would change my mind in a heartbeat if this was my bathroom.

Andrea x
type 2 gas can said…
Recently I read one magazine that every women prefer white color for entrance room. You also one of them. I really impressed with your arrangement.
Great rooms. I love white. So elegant....... if one hasn't a dog, children and is not accident prone!
I love white and choose it for most things including cloths. These pictures are wonderful love new ideas for the home.

Always Wendy
Cara Kuhl said…
this is a beautiful home ~ I love the way they've styled the shelving too, it's thoughtful but not too styled or overdone. lovely ~
Couture Carrie said…
Absolutely gorgeous spaces!

How can I make those Chair covers?
Unknown said…
Um, can I move in? GORGEOUS post. Home Interiors
mollymichelle said…
A few more indoor plants would really enhance this living room - but I love the calming feel the color palette provides!
Kellie Collis said…
Absolutely gorgeous neutrals! I agree with the beautiful texture combinations. Enjoy the fabulous week ahead, Kellie xx
That bath is pretty major
Betty said…
Impressive to see this post guys .
Robert Smith said…
Nothing to say about these awesome designs. Really so beautiful. Thanks

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