{calming} first impression

An entryway is the first impression a guest has of your home and an instant indicator of your design aesthetic. I know I would feel an instant calm walking into these stunning and neutral entryways...

(via nuevo estilo and katie ridder)


Beautiful, light filled entries...notice no rugs? I have been contemplating this for my own home.
jenni bailey said…
Beautiful! I am going to be buying a new house soon and I definitely want to create a good first impression now that I'll actually have space for visitors.
Sofia Carvalho said…
Oh my, oh my! Is so beautifull.
Wow! So stunning! I wish I had an entryway like these...
The door in the second shot is stunning!

rooth said…
I quite like the arched door in the first entry way - it's different and I like the contrast to the rest of the right angles in the space
J.Covington said…
love the first one...esp the mirror and bunched drapes. Of course the chandelier is yummy too.

Ambyr said…
Both of these have such a calming, welcoming feeling. Very chic and clean too!

I agree, and I love that blue door!
Unknown said…
I just stumbled onto your blog and so thrilled I did! Seriously amazing work! For shizle becoming a new follower, be back soon!
ms.composure said…
i am loving that front door!!

Couture Carrie said…
Incredible foyers!

Vong Chong said…
Looking very gorgeous to see this post and love your post so much .
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