pure luxury: bath side bar cart

This bathroom is pure bliss--from the brilliant bath side bar cart, gilded clawfoot tub legs and the iron work in the window. That is definitely a tub that I would soak in with a glass of wine even on the hottest day of the summer.

(via house and leisure)


Sheri said…
That is gorgeous! I especially love the iron work in the window.
Well, I prefer a french window, I always think it is romantic and good for daylighting. If someday I have a house of my own, I would carefull decorate it to make it as comfortable and artistic as possible. Greetings from China.
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
Everything is so beautiful and a lovely view too.

A lot of modern bathrooms have no view anymore

give me a book, some peace and an hour - seriously!

Lovely post thank you


love the iron in the window and how it ties everything together... so pretty.
hope it's a wonderful day in Jackson... missing the Tetons!

Oh, do I ever love the iron work on that window- simply stunning!

I'm looking for a stained glass to hang over my bathroom window but maybe this is an alternative.
Crystal decanters with bath products! Luxury.
This bathroom is just beautiful. I love the iron detail at the window. I featured a house from the same House and Leisure issue in my latest post. Go and take a look. x Sharon
Couture Carrie said…
What a phenomenal idea!

Deborah said…
When we did our Masterbath remodel, one thing I decided to include was a chrome cart! It just sets off the decor so well! I have a wonder place to display perfumes & other great bath goodies as well as an extra place for handtowels when needing to quick grab & dry! Bath rooms can be a fun place to make a relaxing getaway atmosphere!
Shelby said…
Very chic! Looks practical to make yet creates an eye- drawing staple in the bathroom.

Ambyr said…
That iron window treatment is amazing. I also love the heavy gold feet of the tub mixed with the silver faucet hardware, great mix.

What a cool concept! I love the idea of just rolling it over next to the tub when I need it, but being able to stash it away when I don't...and so pretty too!

Aliza said…
Wow it is so beautiful! I'm just staring!
Christina said…
I would die a happy gal if I had a bath salt and oil bar next to me in that bath...what a great luxury to have...
Unknown said…
Looks like my dream bathroom! Love it!
The art of window is awesome, The world 's most beautiful photograph of nature is very easy to see from your home window. It is best place for weekend.
It's fantastic... the oil and salt bath are exactly what I need after a hard day working, thanks for sharing!! ;) Tiff
cory meli said…
The bath crock is not big enough for most people~
What I wouldn't give to have that ... Unfortunately New York bathrooms are about as big as that bathtub.
Fiona. said…

Just caught up on all prior posts this week! All great!
Love the cart!
Jamie Herzlinger
Digging that window treatment!! The older I get, the more I love wrought iron.
classiq said…
That bathtub is gorgeous!
Callie Grayson said…
Oh yah! This tub is glamorous and a little. Ottos of bubbly I mean glass :) nice music and many moments of relaxation
Anonymous said…
just love tubs like this. so beautiful.

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Pleas if you get some spare time come over to my blog and join my sisterhood and say hi.

Will be back to visit very soon

Always Wendy
Unknown said…
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Robert Smith said…
The window is looking lovely. I like the design.

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