"the new living room"

I love that Windsor Smith calls the kitchen "the new living room" and after seeing this design of hers I have to agree-I am pretty sure that I would never leave!

(via 1st dibs)


Jessie Glitter said…
Notice that the sink and counter are made of the same slab of marble. It looks as if the kitchen has been there forever- even though I am sure it's new. Also, notice the scale on the table on the left. Soooo beautiful!
Newlymeds said…
I love this! so fab!
That sink is stunning! I also love the color of the cabinetry. Windsor Smith is a design genius.

Callie Grayson said…
oh now that is a kitchen I can live in!!
Gorgeous, big and spacious and beautifully detailed!!
fric and frac said…
Gorgeous! I love hanging out in the kitchen - the heart of the home! Windsor Smith always does kitchens that I admire!
Ms. Joy said…
I love this! Makes me feel like I can grow old working around this kitchen :D hehehe. Thanks for sharing this beautiful design.
Anonymous said…
I would live in that sink :)


LOVE that sink. just gorgeous. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams
Vanilla House said…
Oh I just love the sink and bench tops....
Carina Dale said…
I totally agree. The kitchen is the new living room.

LOVE the selected kitchen. I´m researching for a marble top and love this.
Jane Flanagan said…
Not in my apartment - where there's barely standing room for two people! But I dream of a space where it would be.
Couture Carrie said…
So gorgeous!

Dittol! Oh that sink!
seb said…
What a fantastic kitchen. It is so nice to see white counter tops for a change. Dark colours seem to be so popular these days. Fantastic photos.

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Bell x one said…
just a short message from Bordeaux, France ..
I am a big fan of your blog and i have to say that i am always looking forward to your new post !
Great blog !
Bell x one
Elizabeth Brown said…
Gorgeous kitchen. O.O Such a nice feeling in the whole room, though I think it could use some more plants and possibly a cat...or two. ;-)
Unknown said…
this is gorgeous! i love it!
roids said…
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roids said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The way that the sink is used as a focul point, the way that an armoir is used in a living room, or a head board is used in a bedroom, is gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
These are beautiful!

I can already tell how beautiful the whole thing is. The design is very bold to the eye.
I am with everyone in loving that sink. The whole room just fits wonderfully together. It's very neutral colored, and normally that palette would verge on seeming cold to me, but this is so warm and cozy. The colors just keep the general feel calm and pleasant. Excellent example of a kitchen to be lived in, and a lovely center for a home.
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mydeco said…
modern and vintage works well!
For your lounge room one of the latest trends could be the usage of natural stone look wall panels. These are extremely dramatic, giving a 3D effect by their own varying use of stone-look raised designs. The grooves and nooks and crannies provide depth and texture for the stunningly dramatic effect.
Teresa said…
Wonderful , Thanks for sharing .

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