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I loved Chris Barrett's bungalow in the latest issue of House Beautiful and instantly headed online to peruse her portfolio. I don't typically focus on designer's commercial spaces but was delighted by the inspiration found in this sushi restaurant. The restaurant was inspired by the pink cherry blossoms of Kyoto and designed to cater to guests eyes and palettes.

I am particularly fond of the random pattern and elegance of the walls, seating choices, wallpapered ceiling and mix and textile choices.
All of these elements would translate perfectly in to a residential space.

(via chris barrett design)


Love the first image and funny but I just purchased light fixtures like the ones in the restaurant. So I agree her designs translate to the home beautifully.

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Forever Lovely said…
How lovely! I love how the simplistic design contrasts with the comfortable feeling of all the soft textiles. Makes me feel like I could stay there a while and relax!

Anonymous said…
the contemporary look is really growing on me! Love the wood walls
Dream Weaver said…
I am in LOVE with the bathroom, especially the ceiling!
AJ said…
I love Each and Every bit of that interior! SUPER! What a good blog!

I just came across your blog a couple of days ago.. so many lovely design things going on over here! I love the shelves that are built into the walls.
Unknown said…
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Jesue Valle said…

I found your blog through Blogs of Note and I'm glad I did. I'm now one of your followers :)

Jesue V
classiq said…
I love all the purple and yellow pops of colour in the 2nd image. And the bathroom ceiling is amazing! :)
Couture Carrie said…
What a gorgeous restaurant!

Ambyr said…
The wooden walls are awesome. Such great textures without too many colors.

Great images! The wooden chairs in the last set of photographs reminded me of a table I wrote a blog on a few months ago! Happy Wednesday!

Julie Harward said…
Just happened onto your blog..love it! Love Jackson Hole too, my favorite place to go. I loved the kitchen below with the old butcher block. Come say hi and see my country home...it's just been put up FOR SALE...(www.circlecliffviews.blogspot.com)
Lisa said…
The furniture is so complementary, really beautiful. And the lamps in the first photo resemble the one I currently have in my room!

Love, Lisa
maria zxa said…
Opps they r amazing :D

I loved them so so much

many thanks :D
Adi said…
Awesome chairs! The design is very unique.
Delhi Nursery said…
very nice decoration of house.
Simply Camylla said…
I absolutely LOVE the decorations. Never seen anything like it.
seb said…
great bathroom and really interesting stools. The bathroom ceiling is really different.

Fantastic Palm tree Art"
Wow! Great design and style for a great restaurant. I love to go here, not just to dine but to look unto the design of the restaurant itself. Great masterpiece!

Peny@logo digitizing
mdsanima said…
Unusual interior. I really like this photo. I can use it as a reference to the 3d and do it?
Ocean Freight said…
A very unique interior. Looks very clean.. Nice blog.
mach said…
Beautiful, elegant, simple home.
theappletea said…
so great! I couldn't get my eyes of it!
JASR said…
i love the coziness of this modern space... love the horizontal wood panelings..

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