whisper + glimmer

I am flying back to the states today and as I have probably mentioned before I am not the biggest fan of flying. I could definitley use some time relaxing in ones of these room touched with calming whisper soft blue and glimmering gold.

(via D Home)


Anonymous said…
Totally beautiful. Looks cozy and calm. Safe travels!


Julia Ryan said…
wow, I just adore both of these rooms!
Jennifer S. said…
I love the mirror in the first image....

Lily said…
Both rooms are so gorgeous ! Love the gold mirror and the gold lamp !

I like that nightstand in the second photo. Can't wait to re-do our bedroom (goodbye faux marble and granite looking bedroom set picked out by pre-dating me boyfriend) ha. Thanks for the inspiration mama! Safe travels! Xo
Ambyr said…
Welcome back!!

I love the subtle touches of patterns here.

Sunburst mirror adds the drama to any room. Lovely decor.
Noel Solomon said…
Such pretty images~

I could spend hours on your blog looking at your images.

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Thank you for always sharing the best inspirations.

Noel from Fanciful Designs
designchic said…
What beautiful rooms...love the bar cart in the first and the side table in the second image!! Safe travels ~
i could spend all day in that bed staring at the chandelier...what a great space.
Charlotta said…
You poor thing. I can so relate to the unease of flying, and I hope your trip goes smoothly.

These rooms are heaven. I wish I could crawl right in to them from here!

God's speed to you and hugs from afar.

x Charlotta
Pandroa said…
Beautiful bedroom! light blue with a few touches of gold can look so amazing!

Pandora from Home and Decor
Maryam said…
I like that bed!! And the chandelier hanging down!!

Callie Grayson said…
love that bedroom!
completely serene and stunningly beautiful!
Home Lighting said…
Although the bed looks dreamy and the chandelier is beautiful, I am not sure if they are very good together since the light appears to be too low over the bedroom.
Ralph C said…

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Robert Smith said…
This one is also awesome. Really like the decoration so much. Thanks a lot for sharing with us

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