loving (dark + weathered}

There are many items on my list of dream house "must haves" but lately a kitchen full of weathered and dark wood if climbing to the top of the list!

(vt wonen and elle decor)


elena nuez said…
I loooove it!

have a nice day,
The first one is up my ally, black boards are awesome.
Ashley Stuart said…
This is great... never knew I would be drawn to such dark cabinets in a kitchen, but I am!!!
Ambyr said…
Loving that chalkboard wall!

Wow, that first kitchen is amazing, with zero upper shelving, that great range hood, pendants and chalkboard wall. Very inspired.
Couture Carrie said…
Those chairs in the second photo are so cool!

The dark, heavily weathered kitchen trolley looks amazing. May have to try building one form some recycled boards. Thanks for sharing.
Sinan said…
That kitchen has some great cabinets! The picture doesn't quite do them, or the contrast between them and the white counter-tops justice! Beautiful.
Shelby said…
love this rustic yet modern look!

Mountain Dandy said…
I love this kitchen, especially the chalk board wall and the butcher block in the middle. I like to see the rugged old-school utilitarian style coming back.
Jenila Jue said…
A lot of thanks for sharing this post with us .
Robert Smith said…
The second one is perfect. It was gorgeous

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