triple threat

Why have one chandelier or one pane of a glass wall when you can have three?

(via british home and garden)


Andrea Reh said…
Why indeed? Love the way the room seems almost as though it's picked up the colours from the lavender garden outside.

Andrea x
Mimi said…
I think more the merrier! Mimi xx
There is definitely power in multiples - this is a good reminder for me to think about that when desiging a space for more impact! Beautiful.
Glamour Drops said…
With a view like that it wouldn't matter how many chandeliers you had ~ nothing would compete!
James said…
I say the whole ceiling!
Ravishing! I adore this about a powerful impact. Thanks for the constant inspirations...your blog is truly fabulous!
xo, Alison
Callie Grayson said…
That dining table is in my favorites folder!
those chandeliers are gorgeous.
DIY Lighting said…
Really lovely but could be dangerous with all the glasses..=)
Wonderful to see this .

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