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I tend to feel that a fireplace (if it is not an eyesore) should be the focal point of a room. I know it greatly pained me to place my dining room table in front of my wood burning stove. So it is certainly against my intuition to place seating away from one...

(via new york social diary)
I guess they are on wheels though so they could easily be twirled around.


Odd... Maybe they were "in the process" of rearranging the furniture or cleaning the floors!
Rebecca said…
I totally agree. I love fireplaces and it seems totally counter-intuitive to face away from it. Definitely not a fan of this look.

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Couture Carrie said…
These chaises are fabulous!

Sarah Morgan said…
Agreed. It's such a beautiful room, but a little strange to face the furniture away from the fireplace. I wish I had a working fireplace... mine is currently acting as storage for my collection of boots!
Anonymous said…
I love the furniture, but wholeheartedly agree with you! It almost feels like a display window, rather than a cozy space to relax and socialize.
With those fabulous leather chaises, who needs anything else??? I can see this fireplace diversion for the warm weather months but would love to see the opposite side of the room.
My Many Moments said…
I kind of like how unique the layout is. Is that weird. It is a wonderfully designed too!
Take Care,
It's looks to me like it might just be a space challenge...but yes, they are on rollers so maybe they move around the room when they want to light a fire! I agree though - for me a fireplace is the highlight of any room. I think the room has a really unique though - I like it a lot for its originality!
I'd love to know what they are facing - what's on the opposite wall. I love the symmetry but it feels a bit staged for a lovely picture hence the chaise facing the wrong way
Unknown said…
I was so boggled by this that I had to have a look at the original article you linked to! Unfortunately, after looking at the rest of the room, I'm none the wiser! Such a really strange placement. Funny because the designers talk about being from a shop window display background and that's what this looks like! Shame really because the objects in the room are fabulous...
fantastic color combination tan + black + gold
Well done shoot and your decoration also .

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