deck the halls {silver + pine}

It is especially early for me to pull out the holiday decor but last night I fully decked my home! As always, I love simple and understated holiday decor. A pine and silver palette is especially appealing to me at the moment for its elegance and classic appeal.

(via style at home and british homes and gardens)


KatyO! said…
love the top images!! wish I could do that in my home
quintessence said…
WOW - already decorated - I'm impressed. And if it looks anything like these beautiful images, I'm sure it's fabulous - especially loving the top right!
Courtney said…
Pine and silver is a lovely combination - I especially enjoy those wreaths going up the stairs!

I'm guilty: my house has been in full swing for a week now. I can't help it. I LOVE Christmas.
leanne said…
beautiful photos!
Zen said…
Pine and silver will be dressing many a homes this Christmas after this post! :)
Beautiful home. Totally getting me in the mood for Christmas!
Simply elegant! I LOVE the holidays and all the decor that come with them!!!
Ambyr said…
Love the greenery. It always seems to add extra warmth to the holiday season!
Kendra said…
I love how the green just pops on all the white.
Unknown said…
LOve the decorations! Great pictures!

I am doing silver and white also. Our beach cottage is small and those colors make it feel uncluttered. Do we get to see your decor??
love, love, love greens, silver, gold and white. gorgeous!
So beautifully done, understated and elegant.
Julie Holloway said…
just stunning....especially that entry!
Anonymous said…
I love this post! Really got me feeling the holiday spirit! I recently visited The Whitney Shop in New Caanan, CT and they had great decorating ideas for the holiday season. If you like this post you should check them out
The combination of pine and metallic is so sophisticated and chic. I adore your blog!
Yahnay said…
I love love love that entry way on the bottom left. Its perfect.
My Many Moments said…
I just ran across your blog and I love all the beautiful photos you put up! So many great ideas. We have very similar taste if I go by the photos you choose. I just added myself as a fallower.
Oh my god , Specially the living room is very gorgeous decor .
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Robert Smith said…
Always love your decorated rooms and ideas. It's perfect

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