{refined rustic} tabletops

Talk of Thanksgiving plans has started, which always gets me excited and my mind spinning with tabletop ideas. This year instead of just one large floral arrangement I adore the idea of multiple small and differing style arrangements. I don't like anything too fussy and formal so these refined yet also rustic floral designs from Lily & Co are perfect inspiration.

And I adore the kerosene lanterns! Have you started planning your table?


Cazzolini said…
That's so pretty! :o
Linea R said…
transmits serenity! I love it!
The natural wood, hollowed out trunk is very inspiring.

chateaudelille said…
I agree, just gorgeous! Fiona
Love the wood and the idea of bunching together different elements for a centerpiece!
Caitlin said…
I've been looking everywhere for Thanksgiving table inspiration - this is beautiful! I love the natural look, it actually reminders me a lot of my wedding decor.

Thanks for the inspiration!!
Lee P'an said…
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