{perfect} glamour fix

Oh, how fun over the top glamour can be and sitting here having my coffee and zipped up in a patagonia fleece I am definitely craving a little dose. This space (and that Valentino dress) is the perfect quick fix!

(via Harper's Bazzar)
I love the touches of gold and formal flowers against that stunning and unexpected chandelier. And don't get me started on that absolutely perfect bar cart!


Stunning! A lovely addition to my day!
Hey, don't knock the Patagonia fleece -- those things haven't become classic staples for nothing ; )
Gorgeous, Drew's looking good -- so's that groovy chandelier, and the curved marble counter top, the bar cart...it's all working.

Sloane said…
When I first glanced at this I was drawn to her dress. I didn't even notice the bar cart or chandelier. It's always so refreshing to see someone else's view! Love love!

So glad I'm not the only one with a bar cart obsession: something about them just screams 'Perfect Hostess!' Would love to hear anyone's shopping recommendations for the chicest carts out there...
Couture Carrie said…
So gorgeous and luxurious!
Drew looks amazing!

i feel the same way when i'm reading blogs in my pajamas! everyone needs a little fab in their life now and then.
paula said…
she has become even more stunning over the years.
Sage & Style said…
This shot is so dreamy ... I want that chandelier!
ashley sullivan said…
the perfect blend of colors. creamy pinks and soft champagnes are good in my book any day.
Truly Smitten said…
omg, drew looks gorgeous!!! and love that dress!
Unknown said…
love seeing her mature. beautiful/ www.myhealthysushi.com
An Hu said…
Hopping she is perfect for a model .
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