sunday {supper} setting

I love Sunday evenings and unwinding from the weekend by preparing a complex meal (think homemade pasta) for friends. As I am in the middle of the Rocky Mountains serving in fabulous and formal beach setting is incredibly appealing at the moment. Especially if it was under a seaglass tinged chandelier and served on a lovely mandarin greek key adorned table covering.

(via haynes robert)
Hope you are having a lovely Sunday supper, wherever you may be enjoying it.


Callie Grayson said…
Happy Sunday!
I love cooking on Sundays. They are the big supper days. I made tomato sauce with my abundance of home grown tomatoes!! (Canning them for winter)

Unknown said…
That table speaks for itself! I love the chandelier, so chic
that chandelier is too yummy.

thanks for this post.
Jane said…
Looks this place so much .
Robert Smith said…
I am loving this super sunday setting. Really so beautiful view also

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