refreshing perfection

I had almost given up on Veranda but when I saw the cover of the September issue I just had to pull it off the rack. The cover features this stunning and refreshing home. The inspiration from these rooms was well worth the $5.99.

(via september issue of veranda)
Nicely done Veranda, nicely done. And of course a big thank you to the designer, Melanie Turner.


Unknown said…
Bravo, Veranda! Loving that bedroom.
Cara said…
I hadn't seen this magazine before -- all of these selections are totally $5.99-swoon worthy!
Kathysue said…
I know I think this is absolutely stunning, kathysue
You know that Dara Carapagnio (I probably killed the spelling of her name) from Domino is now editor there. She has really improved it!
Chic Coles said…
Talk about GLAMOUR!
Sunny Jones said…
every single image in this post makes me smile! Thanks for the gorgeous photos to dream on
MMD said…
Love the range and hood in the kitchen! The black floors against the white cabinetry with a splash of yellow is simply stunning!
Jennifer S. said…
That home is beautiful!!!

Design Actually said…
Beautiful home, that kitchen is amazing!
Wow! Nice! Classy and chick!
Have a great weekend!
BTW :)
plan 457 said…
Each & Every image have it's own innovative look & it show's clearly the art of living. the way you lead the life....
they are just stunning, beautiful colours, mix etc... wow
combining white with green and yellow is so refreshing! beautiful pictures! have a great weekend!!!
Cannot believe that is in Veranda! Is the rest of the issue that good? I must subscribe!
Love the design of this home. I am also loving the revamping of all these magazines. The "editorial shifts" I am seeing are definitley paying off! Melanie Turner did a wonderful job with this home!
Michelle said…
Yeah! finally! I am so excited to have it back from the old lady dungeon.
Tonia Lee Smith said…
I've stopped buying all the decor magazines that I had been buying because there hasn't been anything that has caught my eye, and then there are such fabulous bloggers out there so I read their blogs instead.
I agree, on both ends. I picked this one up as well--I am in love with that kitchen and bedroom. Gorgeous!
Lovely spaces, incredibly fresh!
Couture Carrie said…
Absolutely gorgeous spaces!
Particularly loving the bedroom!

Thank you for the preview Blair, we are a little behind you in Australia and will look forward to the arrival of this edition soon.
i love these spaces.

the kitchen stove with that hood are TOO FABULOUS!!
Anonymous said…
those are beautiful interiors! Stunning! love the first picture especially.
Hellmans said…
Wow, absolutely adore the first picture! Looks very french! I love the contemporary french furniture look. I have recently finished furnishing my dining room with mirrored furniture . To finish, I have purchased an array of gorgeous decorative mirrors to hang about the place!
Be still my heart! Maybe it's the serene colors, or maybe it's the fact that I woke up so early today, but this bedroom couldn't be more inviting to me. I could curl up on that sofa for hours!
Josefa said…
Very creative to see these decoration .
Robert Smith said…
Amazing decorative rooms. I have never seen these before. Really so gorgeous
Great rooms.looking very good.thanks.

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