happy 4th!

Very busy today getting ready for an event tonight but wanted to share the photos from this adorable campground wedding photo shoot. Wouldn't this be a perfect concept for an independence day bash?!

(images via sweet and saucy shop)
I am now craving smores! Have a wonderful long weekend.


Anonymous said…
Such awesome summer inspirations..
My Dream Canvas said…
Lovely images...sigh!!
Happy July 4th to you!
Anonymous said…
Great pics, I love that idea! I hope the event goes well, and enjoy the rest of your 4th of July weekend!
Flick :)
Dorothy said…
Happy 4th of July to you too - what a gorgeous table setting! That makes me want to arrange an afternoon lunch out in the sun.....unfortunately its still winter here! Dorothy x
Couture Carrie said…
Gorgeous post, darling!
Happy 4th!

ohhh yes - I loved this too, have the images on my computer to post eventually. i loved the wedding cake!
Daniella said…
Beautiful! Love those chairs...
KG said…
I absolutely love unique wedding ideas and this one was independently fantastic! It would make a great decor for independence day! Wish I'd thought of that sooner!
Creategirl said…
It 11AM and now I AM craving smores too! For a girl in love with table linens this first picture is curiously appealing. I actually like the look of the table in its raw form! Great post
This first picture and this place is more nice to me all others .

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