eye candy {peppered with perfection}

This neutral space is full to the brim with some of my favorite design elements (leaning mirror, driftwood, lovely glassware decor, crisp white sofa and the mix of sleek and rustic). All of these elements are melded together perfectly.

(via nuevo estilo)
Is there an element of this room that stands out to you? I feel as though my eye constantly moves around the room--a quality I love in interior design.


El said…
The driftwood stands out. I love the addition of the organic element!
Unknown said…
Those are all some of my favorite design elements as well!
My eye moves back and forth between the clean sharp lines of the mirror on that white armoir and the rough wooden coffee table & driftwood!

xx Cristina
Kirsten Krason said…
I love that coffee table!
Anonymous said…
mmm beautiful! i love the calmness in the space.
My eye was drawn to the coffee table and the driftwood!
Kat said…
Love the coffee table.
Actually I love it all!
Andrea Reh said…
I love the driftwood - especially how it sits on a weathered table that wouldn't look out of place by the seaside.

Andrea x

coffee table! and I love that the rug is simple an looks comfortable. The space manages to be cozy, clean and modern, with just a touch of eclectic. very nice!
annie said…
Beautiful, beautiful room!!!

PS~Erin said…
The coffee table! I'm in love.
prashant said…
I love the addition of the organic element!
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Sarah Engel said…
this room is HEAVEN, love the driftwood. the tall mirrorm large glass doors. beautiful!
Callie Grayson said…
Love that sofa! and that mirror, gorgeous!!

ha! the word i had to type is blair
Janet R. Keene said…
Mind blowing this interior decoration .The window looks awesome .

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