loving {wall of mirrors}

Looking to create a unique and impacting look in your bathroom without renovation? I am smitten with the idea of having not just one mirror over the sink but many. Adds such fun visual interest and will distract the eye from any flaws the space may have.


love!! sooo gorgeous!

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Anonymous said…
But will it distract me from the flaws in my face?
Callie Grayson said…
love the mirrors in the first image!
Unknown said…
What a gorgeous + rustic space! xo
Kathysue said…
I love mirrors, not so much for my reflection but for the life and light they can bring into a room. You have to love a mirror!!
oh i love so many mirrors... that is so nice!
Gypsy Purple said…
Please see my blog for a mention and a link xx Gypsy Purple
Love love the first pic!
Happy weekend darling!
AppleTree said…
Great idea! why don't I ever think of them?
D e g a i n e said…
loving how rustic the first washroom is.

D e g a i n e

Christina said…
i too like the look of multiple smaller mirrors. you've found some great examples. so much more interesting that one large mirror (although i love those too!)
lovely idea! love it!
hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo
That first room is amazing. I like that it is a practical bathroom, but it doesn't FEEL like a bathroom!!
Couture Carrie said…
Oooooh I love it too, especially in the first space!

_ffyona said…
I like the whole look and feel of the first one.
Sarah S. Dobbs said…
I love that bathroom, dark and glowing with candles ...very charming


iva yaneva said…
I really love the sink in the first photo:)
Anonymous said…
I like that it's trying to highlight that we can never have enough of mirrors in the bathroom. Classic vintage thought.
Ri likes J.D. Salinger, is “I May Be Seymour Glass” on Flickr, makes bisaya short films and is partial to Canada flowers

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Love it!! Fantactic pic!!

Mita said…
Hello guy ,
Weldone for sharing this post with us . Clipping Path
Robert Smith said…
I am also loving this wall of mirror. These look really so beautiful. Thanks

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