flowers + graphic patterns

I was just walking out the door for the day and was delayed when I saw these clutches from emersonmade pop up on my computer screen. I just had to share. Combine her adorable flowers with fabulous graphic patterns and my attention is piqued.

Ok, guess I better be on my way now! Happy Wednesday.


Maria Johns said…
oh wow, just did a wedding post and these would be perfect to bring to that type of affair, beautiful!
Yes they are unique and I like the mixture of color and texture.
Unknown said…
Mine too! Her stuff is amazingly gorgeous!
Kelly said…
So gorgeous. I want one!!!
Wahzat Gayle said…
Oh my goodness I thought they were fabulous examples for gift wrapping!!! Love them :)
Love them!

have a great day
Um my attention is now piqued too! These are beyond adorable (my favorite is the navy flower with the cute yellow clutch...)
kate said…
Love these! So cute!
oh my goodness! I adore these. So cute. Thanks for sharing. :)

Bre @
Unknown said…
these are so adorable!
These are adorable! Great find! :)
SO IN LOVE!!! I think those are a Must have!
Meredith Perdue said…
I am so in love with Emersonmade! My custom table runner arrived this week and I cannot stop looking at it. Such cute stuff all around!
Chic Coles said…
I NEED one of these! SO CUTE!
It's beautiful. Happy Wednesday to you as well!
Pearl said…
That is so adorable!
I'm in love with the colors!

Helena said…
Every pattern are creative .
Robert Smith said…
I like these flowers and graphic patterns. Really it's so beautiful. Thanks

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