sweet serenity {slate+taupe}

The juxtaposition of warm and cool colors is so appealing to me and the perfect way to create a soothing, unpretentious and inviting space. The ideal palette to come home to after a hectic Monday.


Unknown said…
I am so in love with pic #2. That cool grey couch and dark stained concrete floors. Not to mention all the cool wood pieces. Stunning.
Couldn't agree more, absolutely love these colour combinations Blair..Rachaelx
annie said…
love the lamps!

Kathysue said…
I so agree with you I like warm colors but needa touch of cool to balance it. In fact I wrote that very sentence in the post I did today. Kathysue
Maria Johns said…
that last image is brillant- so soothing and glamorous at the same time!
What a lovely combination...zen-like without being boring! Love the global look of the drum tables & rug in the second image.
Lori P said…
Ahh, to have a room that opens so well to the outdoors would be a dream. Beautiful.
charmaine said…
I love the gray and the natural wood combo! Perfect balance between "warm" and "cool". Very soothing!
ah yes, what a great colour taupe.... love it with just about everything!
Erika Ward said…
A perfect space for a designer to rest his/her eyes after a long colorful day!
ahh such a beautiful color combination. love the dark grey patterned chair on the last pic! xo
Chic Coles said…
The steel gray/blue colors combined with the light colors really are beautiful!
I love the headboard in the first pic ! Cant believe she scored that for $25.. jealous! ;)

That headboard is insane....I just love it! Makes me want to go shopping in some of my favorite Antique shops! I always try to use a balanced combination of warm and cool colors together. That always makes for a great feel to any room!
Those bed side lamps in the lonny shot are so glamorous, I'll have to go back to lonny and try to find where those beauties are from. Beautiful post Blair
Sarah Greenman said…
Photo number 2 is amazing. I want a dining table JUST like that.
Ashley said…
I love this colour combination, it's muted yet rich!
PS~Erin said…
That first bed, with that fun headboard, is pretty.
Amy Skehan said…
Love the simple design. Great pics!
i love this post...SO many options to be inspired by!

Jen Ramos
Shabia said…
All of decorations are creative and looking gorgeous .. Remove White background

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