not to be ignored {bedroom inspiration}

I hear it all the time--that the bedroom is the one room that people haven't focused their decorating energy on. These people, like me, have rather invested in to the public spaces of the home. However, this should not be the case--the room that one retreats to each evening for sleep and relaxation deserves the same attention if not more than other rooms in the house. Just like these..

I love their use of furniture other than a bed in a room to create one or even more cozy sitting areas...

(via nuevo estilo, atlanta homes and gardens, timothy whealon, d magazine and lonny)
And ones that contain a bold with mix of colors and patterns. What is most important to you in a bedroom--lighting, colors, bedding?


I think lighting. I just adore natural light and luckily enough my bedroom has loads of it.
BEDDING! and DARKNESS! I want a cocoon that wraps me in luxury. Sleeping is my #1 priority (I get so little of it these days), and my bedroom needs to be a quiet Oasis.
I love that third bedroom. It looks gorgeous!
Courtney said…
I think lighting is important but there is nothing better then good bedding - definitely worth the investment!

I just adore that first room and dream of exposed beams. *sigh* I also love the headboard and the sofa at the foot of their bed, creating such a unique space.

Great collection of photos.
Jane Flanagan said…
The first bedroom is so striking. The rug really makes it feel homey for me!
Unknown said…
ohh my the first bedroom is spectacular!! hope you are having a great week!
Laura Trevey said…
Wow... I could spend ALL day in that 1st bedroom!!

xoxo Laura
Emily A. Clark said…
The bedding makes or breaks the room for me. I want lots of fluffy, pretty stuff :) Great pics.

Just found your blog!
Caitlin said…
I'm loving this first bedroom but I'm a sucker for tufted headboards. What a great post!
That first headboard is BEYOND phenomenal! I find a really clean and stunning headboard is hard to come by.


Rebecca June
I love bedroom suites! According to me, colours are the most important in any bedroom. That can then help manipulate light if needed. :) Lovely pictures!

wowza. that first bedroom is incredible!
For me it's all about comfort and simplicity in the bedroom. Lovely picks!
Anonymous said…
I like simple, comfortable bedrooms. I don't like multipurpose master bedrooms that have TV's and reading areas because I think bedrooms are for sleeping and/or bedroom activities only. They should definitely be decorated and paid attention to, but only to enhance their coziness.
that first bedroom is stunning, but I think the third is my dream room. Oh and lighting is my number one :)
That's right darling, I need to be focused more on my bedroom too. These are just a great inspiration!
Have a nice day,
Anonymous said…
I think the most important feature to a bedroom is the lighting, with calming colors coming in second. Although, I would move into any one of these bedrooms tomorrow!
Josph said…
This is the good blog with good images and good details. Please keep on posting the more stuff. I will like to hear more from you.
Anonymous said…
For me the most important thing is to create a relaxing atmosphere, a welcoming room to rest; so the usesage of pastel colors or more earthy tones helps me a lot and that is my main goal when thinking about decoration in my bedroom!
Very good ideas!! Thanks a lot :)
Tanya said…
all of the above =] but in order by probably colour, bedding then lighting. Amazing choices i really love the first room, its stunning
Christina said…
it is easy to ignore the bedroom or at least close the bedroom door when company is over...
color is really important to me for the bedroom. it sets a mood and brings calm. i LOVE that first bedroom. it definitely has more function than just sleeping.
Christen Ales said…
My husband totally shares this opinion, so much so that unbelievably he has said I can do what I want in there. Yay me!
Great post Blair! I love the first bedroom. That tufted headboard is so beautiful! Thanks for inspiring :)

paula said…
Oh my, that first image has all the same tones as my room and I am now thinking a bright rug is a must.
Lauren said…
I am swooning over that third image. That rug works so well!! I'd say bedding is most important, I need fluffy duvets, but certainly lighting and colors go hand in hand for me, equally important as the other.
For the longest time I was bothered in my bedroom and I couldn't figure out why, lo and behold it was because my bedside lamp's lighting was way too bright!
Loving the idea of a couch at the end of your bed (esp. a blue velvet one!)
PS~Erin said…
The colors for me... And our bedroom needs some attention. Love all these headboards, especially that first one!
These interior space are attract me a lot . Mind blowing decoration . Remove White background

Robert Smith said…
Nice Collections. Just want to say that it was lovely.

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