event inspiration {lime+biscotti}

I know that most party hosts love throwing an unique event full of personal and unexpected elements--which can be quite the task. I think it also tends to make people ignore classic color combinations, such as lime green and creamy biscotti, but they can still create an amazing and fresh look when textures are carefully chosen and details are not ignored.

(via green wedding shoes, indigo bunting, a hana designs, once wed, elizabeth messina and sunday suppers)
After all there are a reason that these colors are classics!


Anonymous said…
I've never been a big fan of that color combination (too classic, maybe?), but I LOVE each of those pictures! Makes me totally reconsider lime and cream. Thanks!
Maria Johns said…
This is so beautiful and as soon as I saw your post title I wanted a biscotti!!!
Beautiful colour palette here.
Add some chocolate brown and you have my wedding colors! Great color combo!
I agree. I love it. Those colors are great inspiration for anything from a wedding to a living room. Hmmm I am getting ready to redo my living room.
Jennifer said…
I love the little speckles of the lime with the cream. Such a wonderful balance! Now you have me thinking spring...
Callie Grayson said…
simply stunning! oh that cake is just wonderful!!!
Karena said…
Beautiful The colors do work and yes I can see Chocolate as an accent as well!
Annemarie said…
I love this color combo- it's the epitome of elegance to me! Gorgeous! XOXO
Courtney said…
This colour combination is so clean, fresh, and classic. I think it would be particularly perfect for a brunch, luncheon, or shower. That white tablescape is gorgeous.
skin toned pink, spring green and nature of white... beautiful!
Rachel Follett said…
I sort of had a big sigh when I first saw this beautiful collection of images. So pretty and calming. One of my faves for sure.
Blair, you have such an eye for a great palette. This is classic, has a very vintage feel to it too
This color combo is stunning and so fresh!
Don't miss the second part of the post today!
Unknown said…
wasn't sold until i saw your selection of pictures. very convincing!
Agatha said…
You're right - how beautiful!

Your selection of photos really sold me, and it's just so inspiring!

Have a super Tuesday,

Agatha x

Unknown said…
Oh that bouquet is gorgeous! Which is especially unusual for me to think because I really don't care for calla lilies (I think they're totally overrated for the price). This color combo is classic and dreamy.
absolutely beautiful.
makes me wanna get married.

Artist said…
I like the colors. Because I see colors when I hear names or numbers I see with these colors the name Lynn.
oh man are you good blair! absolute perfection!

and how much did you love that wedding with the red haired bride? her gown and sweater slayed me!
Blair Friedeman said…
Thanks Anne! Yes, her style was just perfect--was actually where the whole board started.
prashant said…
Beautiful colour palette here.

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Labone said…
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