Happy Thanksgiving!

As this is my fisrt year hosting Thanksgiving dinner I am quite busy prepping food, flowers, and decor. So I am going to sign off for the week. But didn't want to do so without thanking all of the loyal delight by design readers that make sharing my thoughts on living a styling life so much more fun and my fellow bloggers for constantly inspiring me! And just in case you need some last minute decor these glittered pumpkins are a fantastic and easy solution.

(via a field journal)
I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving!! I am really excited about my tablescape (went with an orange and blue color scheme with a classic flair) and will hopefully share some photos soon.


Daniella said…
Have a good one!! Good luck with all your plans!
Happy Thanksgiving Blair, even though us Aussies don't celebrate it of course, I hope yours is wonderful! Can't wait to see your table pics :)
_ffyona said…
Never know how easy and pretty glittering pumpkins can be. These are great.

Good luck!
Same New Story said…
i have grown so fond of glitter pumpkins this year! Hope your Thanksgiving turns out wonderfully!!
Donna said…
These are so beautiful! Can't wait to see pics of your table! Happy Thanksgiving!
Design Esquire said…
Happy Thanksgiving and good luck hosting! I love the images you chose, and I can't wait to see your tablescape.
happy Thanksgiving from Argentina, darling! hope you have a lovely dinner! xo
I really hope your first time hosting for the holiday turns out lovely. Enjoy! :-)

You'll be wonderful! I have no doubts. Please enjoy yourself and let others do the clean-up!
Paula Grace
P.S. I am having a wonderful holiday giveaway on Monday ~ beautiful glass art ornaments :)
blue moss said…
happy happy thanksgiving to you
I have some glitter pumpkins similar to those and they are my favorite fall decoration! Good luck with your dinner.
prashant said…
I love the images you chose, and I can't wait to see your tablescape.

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Courtney said…
Those pumpkins really are sweet perfection. I hope your Thanksgiving goes off without a hitch and that you have a wonderful and happy holiday!
Nicole Marie said…
i'm sure it went great! have a great rest of the weekend!
Courtney said…
Congratulations on hosting your first Thanksgiving dinner! I'm sure it was fantastic.

I can't wait to see photos of your tablescape. These pumpkins are adorable - thanks for sharing.

Happy Thanksgiving, Blair (from Canada).

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