goodbye met home

My taste in interiors is constantly evolving, which is why one of my favorite pastimes is flipping though old issues of my overwhelmingly large (I can't stand throwing the away!) shelter magazine collection. I am always shocked to see which pages I dog eared and equally so by the ones I didn't. I was doing just this a couple weeks ago and found a renewed love for Metropolitan Home. So I thought I would share the pages that I tore out in my recent peruse through the met home archives.
I was amazed by how many designers that I was introduced to though those pages, the lust worthy furnishings and the diversity of the styles that were showcased.

Which is why was deeply saddened when this publication announced yesterday that it was closing its doors.

(all scanned via various issues of Metropolitan Home)
Goodbye Metropolitan Home and thank you for the glossy pages of inspiration!


Annemarie said…
Such gorgeous photo-spreads! It is always sad when magazines end their run, but thankfully you have plenty of old issues to go through! XOXO
bananas. said…
another one bites the dust...

seems like a lot of good mags are closing their doors. so sad :(
So sad! I'm sure there will be many images floating around the internet from them though! Lovely blog - I like your posts! I'll be back!
Rachel Follett said…
That sucks! This has been one of my favorite magazines. I wish I kept more of mine.
I love flipping through magazines again and again. never get tired of doing it. and it's surprising as you say, details that you found interesting before and others you haven't noticed... gorgeous pics!
Nicole Marie said…
so sad how many magazines are closing
Gorgeous pictures, it truly is sad when magazines have to end their run.
Couture Carrie said…
Such gorgeous spaces! Love the red bedroom!

I'm so glad you posted these! It's so sad to see another shelter mag go under :(

I love the top, left image - the mirror is fantastic. And of course the pink in the bottom two is hard for me to resist!
So pretty! Thanks for sharing. I was never a big Met Home reader so I'm afraid I missed out on a lot of pretty interiors. So sad when a magazine closes it's doors...
Pink Wallpaper said…
*sigh* will anything survive??
I've been keeping an inspiration scrap book for 2 years now (I was running out of room for all the magazine stacks) and I agree, it's funny to see what I used to like!
that golden
its so sad how many magazines are closing
Courtney said…
I am dreaming of publication rejuvenation in coming months and of new copies of my favorite (recently cancelled) magazines on my coffee table. *sigh* Every time I hear the news that another magazine closing its doors my heart hurts a little.

PS: this collection of photos is lovely.
Anonymous said…
I love that white headboard... I want to paint something like that on my wall.
Eva Kyte said…
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