cheap(er) chic: table covering

I think the decor that I was most stressed about for Thanksgiving was a table covering. I looked at all the local stores and really didn't want to spend an arm and a leg for a one time use tablecloth. So I actually wound up buying this burlap runner (as featured on style me pretty!) for a very reasonable price. However, if that fell though I was truly tempted to just use kraft paper.

It is inexpensive table covering option and definitely won't need to be immediately treated when stained with red wine.

(via emerson made and sunday suppers)
What will you be dressing your table with this year!


Cara Rank said…
you're so cute! i love the idea of using kraft paper. it's my most recent obsession...wrapping all my christmas presents in it. but kraft paper runners could be so great — and cheap — on wedding tables!
It looks great, I may try the brown paper idea, and maybe add some crayons at everyone plate for drawing.
abigail said…
kraft paper is a great idea!
I LOVE those fabric flowers in the first photo.
Shelby said…
Oh if only I had a table for dressing - do coffee tables count? I love, love those EAT napkins.
Unknown said…
I too love the idea of using kraft paper and those EAT napkins are adorable, Have a sweet day!
Cute idea! I love the first pic!
Happy weekend my cyber friend!
Anonymous said…
I adore these looks and hope to accomplish something similar for my big day. SOO pretty!
Unknown said…
Hi from Spain!
...blogging, blogging I arrive here... your blog its so cute.
I´m following you, and i ´ll write about in my site.

I like so much the Woodford & Co´s clothes its a pity they dont sell in Spain :(
oooo such a great idea! especially to forget about red wine stains!
have a lovely weekend, darling! xo
Christina said…
this is a great idea! i may utilize this idea for my craft show (i don't know what to do for a table cover!)
GiDu said…
I like this idea for a table cover!! Even the kraft paper sounds like a nice option (maybe for the kids table)! Thanks for sharing! :-)
Kristin said…
Gorgeous table setting - I love how rustic items can look so chic + glamorous.
LindsB said…
Very cute idea, and you could put crayons out on the kids side so the can color during dinner :)
i love the burlap runner! I'm going with some vintage place-mats...and only serving white wine!
Anonymous said…
i love the burlap runner and the stenciled napkins are adorable! I've been brainstorming thanksgiving table ideas all week, but this definitely has the juices flowing.

I'm loading the dog in the car and driving up to JH on tuesday -- hope I get to see you while I'm there!

Anonymous said…
Why are th eknives on the left handside and forks on the right?
I'm a bare or burlap kind of girl.
Krista Schrock said…
I love this idea, what a fun way to decorate a table! Also what could be more fun is having the guests create some art on the kraft paper once they had a few drinks! HA!
Md Enamul Hoq said…
Nice this dining table .

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