Prowess of Pink

Pink has been dominating the blog world lately and for a very good reason--to promote breast cancer awareness month. I thought that it was the perfect message and color to start this week!

(via lonny magazine, {this is glamrous}, jose villa, katherine slingluff, brabourne farm, and tuleh)
It is a disease that effects too many women and one were being aware of the changes in your body is extremely important. For more information please visit the website for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Also make sure to check out other pink posts at Two Ellie, Pink Wallpaper and Cote de Texas.


Lovely post. I adore thise shoes in the last pic.
Gorgeous Blair, loving the first pic. Good on you for raising awareness on an important issue...beautiful and important post! Lovely :)
_ffyona said…
This is a great lovely post and pretty photos with the tinge of pink everywhere!
gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, yes I'm putting a bit of pink my living rooms of my new home! Love it
Donna said…
I never was a pink fan until my daughter came along, now I can't get enough of it!!!
Christina said…
it is a great message to start the week...
yay for pink and for awareness!
love that second photo.
Courtney said…
Great post, Blair. Way to spread the awareness.

Although I could never see myself decorating with pink as a staple, I do love the effect of a touch here or there on a neutral backdrop.

(I'd love to take tea under that chandelier)!

Happy Monday.
Nicole Marie said…
that vanity and big white chair is heavenly!
love the 2nd and fourth image. the pink blanket on the bed is the perfect touch. i like pink when it is done like this...just one bold piece.

great to show awareness too!
A little pink goes a long way but, it is a necessary and vital dose to sweeten our reality.
Unknown said…
Lovely post with an all to important message. Nicely done.
please sir said…
Oh so lovely - that end table is amazing!
Betty said…
Always i love such excellent job . Keep up it . remove white background

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