fashioning interiors [peter som]

I adore Peter Som's spring 2010 line. The colors, patterns and textures are to die for! The styles are just as lovely when applied to rooms.

(rooms via marie claire maison, john coolidge, domino + domino)
Do you have a favorite 2010 spring collection?


Your talented mind's eye, keep tickling me with surprise. <3

My Fall favs:
>Stella McCartney
Megan said…
Looooooove the last one the most - those blue shoes, that blue wall - THAT black Chandelier...i die. :)
liza said…
You so these so well - they are a joy to study. I love them all, and in particular 1 and 3.
susie q said…
You are amazing! These are better than all the others outstanding ones before. I love #2 -- that wallpaper is delicious.
Oh my goodness that pale blue room is so me. I want it!
J. said…
well, I'm starting to like this one now!

I actually have several faves at the moment, I'm unable to pick just one favourite.
*sigh* beautifules and matches every time. Some of my 010 favs..
-Stella McCartney
-Burberry Prosum of course!
Anonymous said…
Love the third image with the pink. I love the hint of it in decor and of course, could wear the color everyday! Jason Wu was one of my favs for spring.
Rachel said…
Such bold colors! I love to see them in the rooms as well.
Christina said…
awesome! that last combo is especially striking.
lovely, so lovely matches! love those framed red flowers! the top and red pants are gorgeous too! I think one of my faves collections are Akris, Fendi and Valentino. xo
Katy said…
Love the parrot wallpaper in #2. So subtle and fun!
Courtney said…
What a fabulous post: I love what you've paired here.

The first and last options are my very favorite!
Anonymous said…
Great post, Blair. I have to say your blog has become one of my daily reads. My boyfriend and I just bought a house and I have collected great decor ideas from you.

I love the black chandelier! And yes, that is on my list.
the dresses are stunning! wow! just beautiful!
Anonymous said…
OOOO I really like that second interior with the orange wall paper Sooo CUTE!!
Ashley said…
I really wanted to pick one that I liked the most but they are all so well paired that it is hard to pick! Beautiful selections!
Cathy said…
Perfect fashion and these decor . Like these . remove white background

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